I had a diverse selection of career goals when I was young. Accompanying my father on so many archaeological digs, my first choice was to be Indiana Jones. Then an astronaut. Then an entomologist. Hell, if Indy had ever traveled to space to fight alien insects I think my head would've exploded. But it was my constant mind-wandering and drawing on the backs of my homework assignments that eventually led me down the path of an artist. 


After receiving my AA from Lassen Community College I enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland where

I learned the most modern techniques in animation and illustration. I was honored to be learning from professors who came from some rather big names: Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, DC, Laika; just to name-drop a few. But the more I learned the techniques the more I learned that the artwork wasn't half as important (or even a quarter as interesting) as the characters and stories they depicted. For every art or animation class I would take a character development or story structure class as well; I was always making certain my storytelling devices accelerated along with my drafting techniques. 


After graduating with a BA in Media Arts and Animation I immediately dove into the world of freelance illustration and have been exploring it ever since. My work thrives on one guiding principle; that each piece should have a story behind it. Whether it's a comic book or a stand-alone illustration I live to create worlds through a pencil.